Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "the time is always right to do what is right"; it does not only mean to make the right decision, but it's also that the right action should be practiced under the normal rules, regulations and common ethics.

In order to have sustainable growth, each business needs various processes to drive the business forward in the right way. Those processes should be conducted with accuracy, ethics, transparency, and without any argument. Those, therefore, lead to efficiency in management, create creditability to our business, and increase all stakeholders' confidence in us

For a long time, there have been many people talking about Good Corporate Governance, which normally means to conduct business in accordance with the laws and regulations, ethics, and taking into account all stakeholders' rights and benefits.

We at Chuo Senko (Thailand) Public Company Limited and CHUO group, greatly hope that we will all have the understanding and be able to follow these standards from this handbook, which is one of tools for conducting our business. Moreover, this process will go on together with the development in managing our company to have good corporate governance and also be continuously improving into the future.

All CHUO employees are expected to strictly follow the standards of this handbook, for which all of the directors and executives act as a role models.


Are expected to follow the codes of conduct with understanding, caution, and integrity, and avoid any activities that would lead to a failure in compliance with the codes of conduct which may affect our reputation and creditability. In the case of a suspected violation, please immediately report to a supervisor or concerned person.

Failure to comply with the codes of conduct is considered grounds to be penalized by specific company regulations and also by the laws in the case that the activity violates the law.

Human Resource and General Affair Department

Are to inform and clarify with all employees about the compliance with the codes of conduct and revise this handbook (at least every 3 years). Moreover, HR&GA is also key contact person for any complaints and evaluation of the compliance.

All Executives

Are required to promote compliance with the codes of conduct, to maintain the work environment and to make all employees clearly understand that we should all act in compliance with this handbook. In addition, all executives are to promote open communication about compliance with the codes of conduct.

This handbook is the principles for all employees. All directors and executives are required to act as role models. The principles in various concerns are summarized as follows.

1. Customers Relations
2. Relations with Suppliers and Creditors
3. Responsibility for Shareholders
4. Social Responsibility
5. Relations with Rivals
6. Relations with Employees
7. Employee Practices
8. Gift and Entertainment
9. Conflict of Interest
10. Corporate Information and Assets
11. Computer and Communication System
12. Securities Trading and Inside Information